Tailored Med Solutions is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the necessary support and guidance to start a new practice or grow an existing practice. With over fifteen years of experience in healthcare and a decade of healthcare administration experience, our goal as consultants is to become partners and advisers to our clients.

Administrative Services

We will provide structure, organization, and training that will serve as a base to improve and promote, professionalism, compassion, and dignity.

Clinic Evaluation, Documentation, Employee Management Evaluations, Customer Service Training, Talent Placement

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Financial Assessment

Let our experts handle things, so you can focus on your patients.

Accounts Payable, Cost Savings Opportunities, Contract Review & Negotiation of All Vendor Accounts, Lost Revenue Analysis


Marketing Services

We will bring your vision to life and ensure your messaging and marketing goals are realized.

Business Development, Website and Social Media, Brochure Design, Strategic Marketing



Meet the key holder to the door of opportunities for your practice. As you get to know Cristal Morse, you will realize she only wears black and it’s not because she dislikes colors. As a full-time mother and a hard-working consultant to the medical and health care professions, she has simplified her wardrobe to increase her efficiency and productivity. And it is with this same focus Cristal has helped set up many practices for profitability. Explore the rest of the website to see what doors Cristal and Tailored Med Solutions can open for you.

Cristal's Profile

Cherie Milan

Project Manager
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Gabriela Young, LPN

Marketing and Communications Strategist
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What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Nila Villa

    Tailored Med Solutions was extremely helpful with my hiring needs. Cristal met all my expectations.

    Nila Villa
  • Dr. Susan Nyanzi
    Cristal is so pleasant to work with and she will go far beyond the minimum, she shoots for excellence and is a great problem solver.
    Dr. Susan Nyanzi
  • Dr. Julie Sun
    We have had a wonderful experience. Cristal has turned our business around in a major way. We are very happy and grateful for her help.
    Dr. Julie Sun
  • Dr. Lo
    Cristal is very knowledgeable and experienced on how to run a medical practice and can offer good advice and guidance. Could not have set up my Optometry practice without Cristal’s guidance.
    Dr. Lo
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